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When I first visited Community Chiropractic, I could hardly move. The pain from an injury in my lower back was excruciating.

Dr. Le Blanc x-rayed me, realigned my spine and gave me corrective exercises. I am happy and back to work again!
— Chris
I came to Dr. Russ with hip and knee pain, diagnosed fifteen years earlier as “probably arthritis” by my doctor at the time. Three years later, my knee pain is gone, my hip pain is manageable, and my mobility, balance and energy is more like it was a quarter century ago.

I’m kicking myself for not coming in a decade earlier.
— Susan O.
Chiropractic care keeps our whole family healthy!

We are so grateful for Dr. Russ and the Community Chiropractic Health Center team!
Following an industrial accident, I suffered a full body slam by a fork lift. I sought out Dr. Russ for care. I had misalignments throughout my spine. After several weeks of adjustments, I have recovered fully. I am able to do activities as well as before the accident.

I am able to do activities as well as before the accident.
— Delores W.
I almost fell over when my M.D. told me to go and see Dr. Russ, as I had always been skeptical of chiropractors. I had been in a lot of pain, had difficulty walking and was bent over. My M.D.’s instructions to See Dr. Russ came after weeks of physical therapy, special exercises, heat, ice and ultrasound. Nothing helped.

During my second visit to Community Chiropractic, Dr. Russ showed me the x-rays of my spine (that had been taken on my first visit), my spine was in the shape of the letter “S”. In less than three weeks the pain was gone and I was walking upright. Since those first visits, I have referred several of my friends to Community Chiropractic.
— Robert L.
Chiropractic care has been a life saver!

I have scoliosis and in 1996 I had a spinal fusion with Harrington Rods. I never thought I would benefit from chiropractic care. I was having awful headaches. I was referred to Dr. Russ in 2004. My headaches are under control. Dr. Russ is extremely dedicated, he will treat you when the office is closed and he is available. My children have been patients since birth and they have had very few ear infections throughout childhood.

We love Dr. Russ.
— Jessica P.