'Cholesterol Complete' user Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our patients who having been using the supplement we offer here for sale, ‘Cholesterol Complete.’

“After several years of exercising regularly and limiting my caloric and fat intake, only to watch my cholesterol levels continue to rise, Dr. Russ introduced me to Cholesterol Complete. The results were amazing! Within months my levels went from the 240’s to the 220’s and today I’m maintaining in the 160’s. Cholesterol Complete has become part of my daily routine.”


“Success and no statins! My very high cholesterol count was down to normal range after a four week recheck. I’ve recommended this to many friends, most notably a nurse who was struggling with statins. Also, within weeks her count was normal. I am very grateful and excited to have this alternative.”


“Years ago when diagnosed with high cholesterol I was given statins, my liver enzymes went through the roof. I started taking Cholesterol Complete instead and my cholesterol has been great with no unhealthy side effects.”


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